How to Set a Wireless Ad-Hoc in Linux?

1. Of course you must have a Linux Operating System to configure this thing out.
2. Login to your Linux OS
3. Run the terminal/konsole/bash/etc.
4. Turn your Wireless Adapter on.
5. To verify what's your wireless adapter is type this command in your terminal/konsole:
ifconfig  //A list of all available network adapter will appear (eth0,wlan0,etc.)
6. Make sure which is your really wireless adapter name (usually wireless adapter have the "wlan0" name, it depends what type and how much you install network adapter in your Linux system).
7. Okay, assume that your wireless adapter's name is wlan0 then type this in your terminal:
ifconfig wlan0 up //this command is to bring up your wireless network adapter
8. To configure your wireless adapter as an Ad-Hoc type this:
iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc //set your wireless adapter to Ad-Hoc mode