How to Connect to a Wifi Access Point in Linux?

For some newbie linux users whose linux has no Wifi Manager in it, to connect to a Wifi access point seems to be a little bit hard, but actually it is very simple when we know how to do that.
In this tutorial, I use Slackware 13.37. But, the command is all the same in all linux distro (CMIIW).
First,login as root then open the terminal/konsole. (see fig. konsole)


type this in the terminal/konsole (this command is to bring up your wifi adapter):
ifconfig wlan0 up <enter>

to scan available wifi access points,type:
iwlist wlan scan <enter>

a list of wifi access point will appear, to connect any access point available type:
iwconfig wlan0 essid any

to connect to a selected access point type:
iwconfig wlan0 essid "My Network"

then type this to manage the access point:
iwconfig wlan0 mode Managed

++ addition, to connect to a WEP protected Wifi access point type:
iwconfig wlan0 essid "My Network" key "WEP key"
then manage it:
iwconfig wlan0 mode Managed

to connect it to the internet just type:
dhcpcd wlan0

That's all folks, I hope this tutorial will be useful for you.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

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